The brokerage of a service or a particular product is the specialty of ISR GmbH. Often rare, small or complex goods or parts can not be found immediately. Especially with technical goods such as chips or spare parts and extensions for machines, it often seems impossible to find and purchase these parts. Due to its extensive contacts, ISR GmbH can quickly find such goods, parts or services and make them available for purchase by the customer. This saves the client resources and can thus deal with the actual work. ISR GmbH has already brokered for more than 100 companies and would like to further enlarge this list. Especially in Eastern Europe, ISR GmbH is very present and has many contacts who can assist in the search for any services or goods.

Every year, we deliver several tons of used plastics and many other materials so that they find their second use by being processed into reusable raw materials. We organize the takeover, quality control and distribution of these materials. In addition to the plastic grades PE and PP films, PS, ABS, PVC and PET, we are available for many other materials. By reusing various goods, our customers gain new materials and can re-market them. As a result, our customers not only create an income, but also make an active contribution to environmental protection. The concerns of the environment are extremely important to ISR GmbH. Therefore, we attach great importance to satisfy our customers in mediation of recycled materials.

We are specialists in mediating between companies. However, due to our extensive contacts spanning several continents, we can offer many more services that are not listed here. If you need someone for a particular job that does not fall into mediation or recycling, you are very welcome to contact us. We are very open to individual orders and have successfully completed over 20 custom works over the last year. As a result, we are expanding our portfolio, gaining new contacts, looking into new areas and improving our quality.

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